Discussion Questions

Love, Lisa: My Spiritual Journey To Freedom From Compulsive

♥  Do you find yourself observing situations or people the way your parents did?

♥  Are they accurate observations backed up with proof or were they assumptions?

♥  Why do you think this is?

♥  Have you had awareness of this before or is this new to you?

♥  What one thing happened to you or someone you knew that changed you forever?

♥  Did religion play an important role in your upbringing?

♥  Were Faith or Fear more prominent?

♥  Have your spiritual believes changed over the years?

  1. More Faith?
  2. Less Faith?

♥  Are you open to different religious ideologies?

♥  Would you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

♥  What is the difference to you?

♥  Have you been influenced by violence and or addiction through a family member?

♥  How were you influenced in thought or belief about that family member?

♥  Distaste?

♥  Compassion?