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For those of you who used to watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, you might remember one of his guests, country-western singer, Mel Tillis. As a kid, I always enjoyed to hear Mel sing because he sounded smooth, like butter. What thrilled me the most was when Johnny interviewed Mel.  After he sang, Mel had a profound stutter. To me, it was an incredible phenomenon. Even if we don’t make it to television, I believe we are each an incredible phenomenon in our own right.

Perhaps you have heard of world-renown animal scientist and lecturer, Temple Grandin. She has Autism and, though her life has not been easy, she says that the way she thinks is something she would never want to change about herself. Temple, who has been a participant in many brain studies, says if some area of our brain has an injury or weakness, another area may “over-develop” to compensate. This is the case for many people that are diagnosed with autism, which might explain the unique mental abilities of some individuals with autism. I read one of Temple’s books and was amazed by her brilliance, so much so that the complexity of her content gave me a headache.

When I was a child I walked with my toes pointing out, kind of like a duck, and my feet were so flat that I was prescribed a pair of hard molded inserts to wear in my shoes. The way I developed in utero, may have impacted my gait to the pain that it affects my body even today, but in my spirit I was always a flexible yoga kid and dancer, so my body made adaptations. Today, I have a mild limp and can’t walk very far, even with orthopedic shoes. This, in turn, makes dancing more difficult as well. However, what amazes me is that, when I am barefoot, I can rock out. To me, that is a miracle adaptation. When our passions override what seems impossible, it becomes possible. Do you have a stutter, a limp or an unusual way of perceiving or processing things?

Do you or someone you know have a miracle adaptation?

Love, Lisa


Mel Tillis tells a story

Mel Tillis

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