Amen_highres_9-2008We all want more energy but where do we get it?

In recent months I saw Dr. Daniel Amen, double board- certified psychiatrist, speak about brain health on MPTV and what he said intrigued me enough to buy his book, Change Your Brain Change Your Life. His passion on the subject of brain health, primarily in ways to avoid depression and dementia were inspiring to me.

When I heard Dr. Amen talk about ANTS-or Automatic Negative Thinking, I knew I had to write about this. Though I work on this every day, old habits die hard. There are still those mornings that fearful or imagined, “ANTS “meet me before I even put my feet on the floor. However, Dr. Amen says we must learn to challenge those thoughts, because most of them are not true; I believe that.

Yes, I’ve told you to dance or sing or listen to music before, but now I’ve got someone with “street cred” to back me up. Well, actually more than street cred. Dr. Amen is also an author of ten best-selling books on the topic of brain health, and he says in Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, that listening to music, dancing and singing are great for the temporal lobes of your brain, considering them like prescriptions for better brain health.

“So Lisa, what does the temporal lobe do for me?” you ask.

Dr. Amen says the temporal lobe is involved with mood stability, understanding and processing language, memory, reading social cues, facial expression and voice intonation, rhythm and music. He also notes the healing properties of music for depression and  those annoying ANTs, not only strengthens the temporal lobes but the cerebellum as well, the area of the brain responsible for balance, posture coordination and muscular activity.

The energy drain and exhaustion from automatic negative thinking (ANTs) could cause you to feel older, stealing your vitality. Stomp on those ANTS while you dance, and if you think this could help others please share it on your Facebook page.

Love,  Lisa


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  1. Excellent Lisa. Thank you. I too have watched him on pbs but needed this reminder and tie in to music. I so believe that our thoughts are a huge contributor or detractor to our total health. Bless you. Well said.

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