2016-05-29-2016-GarlicMustard-HeartRecently, someone pointed out to me, ahem, sister Deb, that garlic mustard was growing in my yard; I knew I’d have to take care of the problem and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Deb told me that garlic mustard is dreadfully invasive and by looking at my yard I would have to agree with her. I read online that to dispose of it properly, you should pick it when its flowering while wearing gloves, and then  bag it and write a sign that says garlic mustard on it so the garbage men know what they are disposing of.

For those of you who haven’t ever come in contact with this weed, it really does smell like garlic and it grows crazy fast. It was interesting because when I pulled a single shoot it came out relatively easy, but when I tried to quicken the process and grab a handful at a time the pulling took so much more effort, that I realized it would have to be a slower and more thorough job.

As I picked the unwanted plants one after another, someone came to mind and something they had done years earlier. I decided not to waste my mental energy so as I pulled one weed, I symbolically said their name and that I forgave them. I kept plucking the weeds and forgiving others and soon the job was done. Then I thought of how, not only had I pulled weeds in my garden, but also the weeds from my heart.  When I think of how many times I have needed the forgiveness of others, I realized it was harder to say ‘I’m sorry’ than ‘I forgive you.’

Wanting the landscape of my heart to be a lush and viable garden instead of an ugly bed of weeds, I realized that with forgiveness, I can live a freer, happier life if only for today. It’s all I have anyway.

Stiff and in pain this morning, I danced in a chair. I forgive you Deb for telling me I had to take care of those weeds, but it turned out to be a worthwhile project.

Love, Lisa


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  1. Very nice Lisa. You got the 2 jobs done at once. So universal that we need to apologize as well as forgive others and difficult to do. Thank you.

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