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2016-05-12-2016-Music Memory-02Just recently I read an encouraging article about a choir that was started as an outreach project in Milwaukee and the participants had Alzheimer’s. Apparently music is a great way to activate the memory and for the member’s involved in the project, singing had been a big part of their lives decades earlier.

What I love about this outreach program is that, at the heart of it, the goal is to help people who have a similar illness, by bringing them together to create something as fabulous as gospel music in four part harmony. They even have a choir director that tries to teach them songs in different languages.

My body remembers a lot of songs, and I bet yours does too.  I say my body because sometimes the memory for words might not be accurate but the ears, mouth, lungs, vocal cords and even the muscles seem to remember how a song went and then the words follow.

Years ago back in nursing school my friend Dawn told me, that if I knew the answers to our exams, like I knew the words to songs, I’d be a straight A student. Heck, those songs are up in that gray matter somewhere; we might as well pull them out and dust them off now.

There is no guarantee about our future health, but maybe using music preventatively is like chicken soup. It might not help, but what could it hurt?

Love,  Lisa


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